Friday, March 28, 2014

Taylor's Army Surplus

4042 N. 1st St.
WHAT were these white boots used for??

A hidden gem on N. 1st! Who knew?! Certainly not me. In over 3 1/2 years, I'd never even noticed the rocket suspended from the sign or the cannon displayed in the parking lot.

It was so cool in here that if this place had a donation box like museums do, I would've put in some money.

It's fascinating inside!!

The outside never would've gotten me in the door but our son had been in several times, so I went with him.

Hung around the tops of the metal corrugated walls are jackets of uniforms from all over the world. Fascinating.

In a back room they have a rack of similar jackets for sale for $9.99.

One can also purchase British Pink Military Parachutes for $89.99. If one so desires. (I wonder what could mega-crafters do with that particular item?!)

Mixed with basic merchandise like wool blankets and sturdy plastic buckets with lids, you'll find multicolored, jungle-appropriate (I guess) long rain ponchos and a surprising variety of stuff. There's a full-size army jeep parked in there, as part of an attractive display.

I could go in several times and wander and enjoy myself.

Check it out!