Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Paramount Theatre

My, oh my! The "twinkling" sky. This place is rather ornate and gorgeous.

Small white lights set into a blue ceiling flickered on and off throughout the show, The Nutcracker, adding a romantic element to the production.

I found the detailed design flourishes of this building really a nice change from contemporary, style.

What a treat that this architecture has been preserved. Enjoy yourself more in the grand environment at one of the upcoming events.

Mezamiz Coffee Shop

A little oasis of picturesque seating, coffee and conversation along South 7th. The setting along Elm Creek provides a surprisingly woodsy view in back from the deck running along the back of the place. The interior offers cozy seating (couches and armchairs) mixed with an assortment of different-sized tables. It doesn't feel like one big, institutional room. A partial wall, sun nooks and an adjoining meeting room instead give a more home-like feel. Then there's the courtyard outside in the front. Part of the surrounding office complex, containing a couple of hair salons, an insurance agent, and some others - is called "The Cloisters" and whomever designed it must have had a serene contemplative place in mind. A running fountain with goldfish and plenty of greenery contribute to the relaxing vibe. Many ages and types of people come and go.

Donut Shops

BK Donuts (not sure what the BK stands for - I'd like to find out) is run by an Asian family. Fresh & tasty donuts in my opinion. Plus, it's kind of interesting to see what items will be in place in front of the Buddha's well-fed altar. Once, I saw a piled-high bowl of donut holes. Another time, a stacked tower of oranges. The owner's little granddaughter is often coloring at one of the tables, with a big basket of crayons in front of her.

AM Donuts is a local pastry institution apparently, with two locations. Find a good mix of locals, some still in pajamas, on any given morning to pick up pastries for breakfast. They have slightly larger-than-average sizes. The glazed donut holes seem popular, as well as the cinnamon rolls. I like the iced cake with sprinkles, and the chocolate old-fashioned.

Betty Rose's Little Brisket

Driving by with the windows down, you smell the meat cooking in the barbecue shed outside Betty Rose's on Rebecca. The effect of the fragrance is like when those cartoon fingers lead a character irresistibly by the nose. It smells so incredibly meaty and delicious. This place looks like nothing much from the outside, being as it's in a strip mall, next to a dry cleaners and a nail salon. Inside, red checked tablecloths on picnic tables, and Dr. Pepper memorabilia set the scene for a down-home dining experience. Their side dishes are good and their meat even better. It's a favorite local place, so be ready to wait in line when there's a special deal going on. I like their banana pudding and peach cobbler too.